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Wellspring - Center for Extraordinary Living
The Fitness Center
The Fitness Center at Wellspring

Class Descriptions

Level 1

Yoga at The Fitness Center

Body Balance - A gentle, 45-minute senior exercise class designed to increase strength, improve balance, and aid in daily activities. Free, fitness membership not required. Pre-registration is required, 971.983.5212.

Meditation - Experience basic instruction in seated meditation practices designed to center the mind and calm the body. Participants should wear warm, comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and remove shoes before entering the studio.

Gentle Yoga - This class uses Yoga postures from a variety of yoga styles, synchronized with mindful breathing to facilitate a strong, flexible body and calm, centered mind. This is a gentler, slower paced class than powerflow yoga.

Gentle Stretch - Gentle stretch is a great option for those who want to relax, de-stress, improve their circulation and joint range of motion and become more flexible without stress or strain. It combines elements of sports stretching and yoga and is appropriate for most beginners.

Chi Gong - (pronounced chee gung) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing system that can strengthen your immune system, prolong your life, increase your energy, uplift your spirit, enhance your general health, relax your body and calm your mind. The word derives from the Chinese words Chi, meaning "energy," and gong, meaning "work" or "practice." The movements of Chi Gong are similar to those of tai chi, although usually simpler in form and therefore easier to learn. The relative simplicity of Chi Gong makes it very accessible for anyone wanting to learn an authentic, comprehensive mind-body practice.

Jack Coelho - Chi Gong Instructor
Jack Coelho
Chi Gong Instructor

Jack Coelho is certified in a system of Chi Gong called the Healing Tao, which encompasses a number of varied Chi Gong practices. Jack offers personal training and group classes in Wuji-Gong, a movement form of Chi Gong similar to Tai Chi, but simpler to learn, and a handful of meditative seated Chi Gong practices that utilize breath, visualization, and simple movements to build energy, cleanse the organs, and reduce stress.

Level 1.5

Senior Fitness - Designed for active seniors, this exercise class includes a total body warm up followed by a series of strength exercises using weights, resistance tubing and other tools to develop a stronger body, better balance, and coordination. The class concludes with a final stretch for all major muscle groups. Participants should wear clean exercise shoes with non-marking soles. Senior Fitness is more challenging than Body Balance and is intended for those who can exercise without the use of a chair.

Level 2

Yoga at The Fitness Center

Powerflow Yoga - Following a centering meditation, a sequence of invigorating yoga postures flow smoothly from one to the other. The class starts off slowly and builds in intensity to create an invigorating flow complete with pranayama (yogic breathing) and resting meditation.

Core Fusion - A blend of exercises and breath work drawing from the inspiration of Pilates, the grace and depth of yoga, and cutting edge functional fitness to create a total body strengthening, flexibility & balance program that includes a core focus and offers a variety of fitness benefits.

Pilates Yoga Fusion - Experience a blend of classically based Pilates exercises and yoga poses intended to build a strong core, longer and leaner muscles, while building strength from the inside out. This workout will engage the mind and enhance body and postural awareness.

Mat Pilates - Originally named "Contrology", Pilates is a classical fitness program that integrates core stability, balance, abdominals, and low back exercises to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the whole body.

Level 3

FLOW at The Fitness Center

Conscious Cardio - Conscious Cardio is designed to increase your energy and give you a great workout. It includes mindful aerobic movement using a variety of equipment followed by light weight and core training. Low impact options are given in addition to high. This class is adaptable to many ability levels and will help you increase your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Participants should wear clean athletic shoes with nonmarking soles.

Bootcamp Express Increase your fitness level while performing high intensity intervals of cardio and strength exercises. We'll challenge the body each week with a new routine including body weighted exercises, work with the medicine balls, stability balls, free weights, jump ropes and more. This class is best suited for those who have been on a regular & consistent exercise program. Wear clean, supportive shoes that you can run in. Bring your great attitude and a full water bottle!

Class Information

All classes are one hour, except body balance which is 45 minutes in length.
Level 1 (beginner) - no experience necessary
Level 2 (advanced beginner) - some experience preferred but not necessary
Level 3 (advanced) - experience preferred / personal fitness program of 30+ days recommended

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