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Wellspring - Center for Extraordinary Living
The Fitness Center
The Fitness Center at Wellspring

Personalized Training Ė Itís as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Double, triple or quadruple your FUN
while saving money and getting expert personal training, yoga or Pilates instruction. Packages starting as low as just $19 per workout per person. (Based on a 12 session quartet package.)

  • Increased accountability
  • Personal attention
  • Individual support
  • Save money

The Fitness Center at Wellspring

Personal Training
Work one-on-one with a personal trainer, Pilates instructor or yoga instructor to set and achieve your fitness goals!
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Duet/Trio/Quartet Training
Working out with one, two or three friends is a great way to increase the FUN, accountability and commitment in your workouts. More friends, more savings!
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Personal Training for Golfers

Private Training for Golfers
Get in the swing! Developing a program with a certified Pilates or Fitness Trainer can improve your game, prevent injury, and increase your enjoyment of the sport.

Pilates develops powerful core strength with flexibility, joint stability and balance, fluid movement of the hips and spine, and alignment and posture. These are the main requirements for a powerful and accurate swing. Pilates protocols also help eliminate back pain and reduce the risk of injury.

Fitness Training addresses four key physical factors that are vital to your game on and off the course: flexibility, stability, strength and stamina. Flexibility is important since an effective golf swing requires that your joints move easily through necessary planes of motion. Strength training protects the spine through strengthening the key surrounding muscles, and also provides the key component to developing power for your shot. Cardio training can also help you feel strong when you are playing in different climates and elevations.

Wellness Coaching
Get unstuck! Your wellness coach will help you clarify your dreams for your best self. Youíll create a clear path to get there with realistic, achievable and personalized weekly goals.
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Group Wellness Coaching
Build healthy habits and self awarness while benefiting from expert coaching and the support of a group.

  • 8-week process guided by a certified Wellcoach®
  • Define your wellness priorities, set realistic goals, uncover your strengths and motivations
  • Receive support from others who experience similar challenges
  • Group sizes range from 5-8 participants and include a personal assessment and eight 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Access to one email interaction per week
    Group Coaching May Result in the Following
  • Our research-based methods aim for at least 75% achievement of your 3-month goals
  • Increase in exercise level by 1-2 stages from where you started
  • A clear plan to support continued progress in your priority areas
  • Improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels through dietary changes
  • Healthy weight loss, at a rate of 1-2 lbs/week through lifestyle changes
  • Reduced tension/anxiety by providing you with tools to manage stress
  • Greater connection with family – improvement in quality of relationships
  • And much more

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All personal training and wellness coaching packages include a 90-minute intake session. Duet, Trio and Quartet packages include an abbreviated private intake session with the trainer.

All packages include access to email follow-up between sessions.

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