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The Fitness Center
The Fitness Center at Wellspring

Meet the Staff

The Fitness Center - Susan BennerSusan Benner
Susan has over 20 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry, including tenure as Assistant Director of Campus Recreation for Fitness at The University of Arizona. She comes to Oregon from Tucson, Arizona where she owned her own personal coaching and training business. Susan currently directs both the Fitness Program and Spa & Aesthetics Program at Wellspring. Her greatest desire is to empower others to live more joyful and rich lives through wellness coaching and movement instruction. She integrates the foundational concepts of self responsibility, mindfulness and balance in to all that she does. In addition to having a master’s degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in sport & exercise psychology, Susan has been certified in yoga, personal training, The NIA Technique®, group fitness instruction and most recently wellness coaching through the Wellcoaches® organization. She is available for wellness coaching on a private basis, and you can also find her in the fitness studio teaching yoga and dance based classes.

Susan's current philosophy is: "Remember that you can begin again.” While many of us feel stuck in some aspect of our wellness, with a readiness and willingness to begin working on at least one thing, we can create new healthy habits! She is a true believer in the systematic yet entirely personalized wellness coaching process. She loves the fact that the individual learns how to create a plan that is based on his or her greatest values and dreams for the future, while also taking in to consideration his or her strengths and past successes. Many of Susan’s past clients have been successful business people or people in the helping professions who have found it difficult to prioritize themselves in the past. Through the wellness coaching work they have developed a greater appreciation for the positive and created new strategies for living their best lives!

The Fitness Center - Andrea LoprioreAndrea Lopriore
Andrea currently is a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and a group fitness instructor with the Fitness center at Wellspring. Andrea is inspired by working with people of all fitness abilities to help guide them towards achieving their personal fitness and wellness goals. She believes that there is a movement modality out there for everyone and is here to help people find movements that motivate them and that feel good to their body! What Andrea enjoys most about working in the wellness industry is that she has the opportunity to guide people towards making healthy lifestyle choices that overflow into all aspects of one’s life.

In addition to an AAS in Fitness technology Andrea is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates, an ACE certified personal trainer and has completed Yoga Fit yoga training levels I & II. Andrea has experience teaching one-on-one and group Pilates classes and personal training for people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition to her fitness background she is also is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is passionate about whole food nutrition.

Andrea is driven by the positive impact that a commitment to movement and wholesome nutrition has on one's life and their ability to achieve their personal fitness & wellness goals. When Andrea isn’t at Wellspring you can find her cycling, hiking, running and cooking with whole foods.

The Fitness Center - Dana SahlinDana Sahlin
Dana Sahlin is a 10 year veteran of the fitness industry who brings enthusiasm and sincerity to all that she does. In addition to teaching classes such as conscious cardio and gentle yoga, Dana is a personal trainer at Wellspring. She has an American Council on Exercise certification in group fitness instruction and personal training, and is Aqua fitness certified. She is also certified through Maddog Spinning.

Fitness and activity have been a part of Dana’s entire life. She worked at Nike for over 10 years prior to having kids and joining the staff at Wellspring. You can find Dana influencing kid activity and volunteering at local schools in Woodburn to keep them moving as she believes that starting kids with activity and good nutrition is an important key to a healthy start in life. She finds motivation with clients of any age or ability level that try their best. She loves working with clients of all ages and teaching options for keeping active no matter your challenges. Helping people to be able to “do the things in life they want to do” is what makes Dana love her job!

Tara McGuire
Tara McGuire is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has over 11 years of experience with yoga, and has been teaching since the beginning of 2007. She is also trained to teach the Zuumba method of dance fitness.

The classes that Tara teaches at Wellspring are Gentle Yoga and Meditation. In the Gentle class, Tara is able to help students with different body types and experience levels adapt yoga to their own bodies. She assists all students in learning the benefits of connecting to their bodies and opening tension blocks that slow the flow of Chi (energy). In the Meditation class, Tara guides students in quieting the mind, stilling the senses and learning to control the state of the nervous system.

Tara believes that with yoga, all people can create more balance, flexibility and strength, and this will bring about the same in their lives as well. Each person can practice yoga no matter their ability or body and the first great lesson to learn is that yoga will adapt to you, not you to yoga. Live, Breath, Peace, Balance, for Life!

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