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The Fitness Center
The Fitness Center at Wellspring


The Fitness Center

"When I joined Wellspring Fitness Center on November 1, 2009 I weighed 235 pounds and was tired of that number! I did not know what to expect. Thanks to staff & trainers at the Fitness Center, I am at my lowest weight of 205. I am glad that I joined, and I have been surprised that I could lose weight so quickly! I think it is because of the studio classes. They are fun, exciting, never boring and the time goes by so fast. My favorite classes are Conscious Cardio, Core Fusion, Yoga (both Gentle and Powerflow), Pilates and Bootcamp.

The Fitness Center has so much to offer and something for everybody! It has many different programs, so I encourage people to check them out.

I also enjoy running, walking, biking and using the elliptical trainer. I like to mix it up and keep it exciting!

Thank you Dana, Sue and Catherine & the staff of the Fitness Center. Wellspring rocks! "
    –Samuel Boru


"In our two years of Pilates training with Jack, we have both seen -- and felt -- dramatic changes in the way we look, feel, and go about our daily life. It's all about the CORE: in our work and hobbies we are now conscious of maintaining strength and alignment the right way. For our middle-aged bodies, Pilates is the best thing we've found!"
    –Dr. Myles and Emily Standish

"After several years of on-and-off visits to the chiropractor for neck, shoulder and low back pain, I decided I needed a new approach and tried private pilates sessions with Jack. Jack started me with a therapeutic Pilates training program, working on core strength and flexibility. I was amazed at the progress I was able to make! I just turned 50 and feel that I have never been more strong and flexible in my life. I am amazed at how responsive the human body can be to a gentle nudge in the right direction and would recommend pilates (and Jack's studio) wholeheartedly to anyone."
    –Sharon Buhlinger

"[Training with Jack] provided me with a therapeutic fitness plan after a bicycle accident curtailed my ability to ride, ski, and kayak. After the accident, I lost all core strength and even my balance was affected. I found Pilates very beneficial for restoring my core strength and confidence even though I was I weak and in pain. [Jack knows] how to modify his approach to make Pilates accessible to someone recovering from an injury. I now have the ability to get back on my bike, on my skis, and into the water again."
    –Chris Ortolano

Wellness Coaching

"What I like most about the coaching sessions is the positive approach. The coach is there basically to help you identify your goals and discover on your own- how different aspects of your lifestyle overlap. I learned not to worry about perfection, but to constantly be mindful of what I do, recognize when I can do better, and make sure to note those many things that I have already been doing very well."
    –Tony Dworak

"Wellness Coaching is for someone who has a vision and a goal in mind, but needs someone with expertise to offer beneficial suggestions and encouragement. The extra nudge, support and encouragement were critical to my progress; the information, new ideas, recipes, exercise and website recommendations were all greatly appreciated. Although I am still a work in progress, [I know] that I am worth making the changes. I am determined to take it slow and make long-term lifestyle changes to benefit my overall health."
    –Janice Adams

Personal Training

"Wellspring has totally changed my outlook on exercising. [My trainer] is very personable and does a great job; even on days were not meeting she stops to see how my workout is going. Shes helped me change my posture which was causing lower back pain, and the cardio is helping immensely. I feel that I am stronger in all aspects."
    –Pat Drago

"It really helps to have that training so you are safe and know what your limits are. The positive reinforcement of the trainer helps tremendously especially when you see them later and they continue to help and motivate you after your sessions."
    –Louise Montgomery

"I started personal training at Wellspring over a year ago and at every session I look forward to learning something new about myself, my body and future aspirations. I have learned how to enjoy a workout or a great meal. Ive learned to adapt my program for traveling. And I now have a true understanding that the fuel I put in my body really makes up who I am. Every training session I attend not only helps build strength on the outside, but most importantly on the inside. Ive learned that its okay to be me just the way I am."
    –Lisa Itel

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