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Wellspring - Center for Extraordinary Living
The Fitness Center
The Fitness Center at Wellspring

Walking and Running Paths

We encourage you to use these maps as a tool to build or maintain your fitness.

Contact your physician prior to beginning any walking or running program to make sure that you can participate safely. Exercise at a pace that is comfortable for you at all times and be sure to begin your session well hydrated and drink more water as needed. Enjoy!

–The Staffs of The Fitness Center at Wellspring.

Caution: Please note that the routes are not supervised and are followed at your own risk. Additionally, note that not all routes are paved.

Please use caution and apply common sense with respect to traffic and other environmental considerations like weather conditions and uneven ground.

Download PDF version for printing.


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Tukwila Center for Health & Medicine

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Silverton Hospital

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Mt Angel

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